About JOLE.

JOLE. was created on January 30th, 2023 by a fresh out of High School kid named Henry in Adelaide, Australia. Henry is now 19 and studying IT full time while also working part time. JOLE. is his current hobby & small business that he is looking to take further.

From Henry himself: "
JOLE. was honestly a small side project for me that started with the original name "Parole Jole". Many of my mates know and still call the brand and myself Parole Jole, Parole, or even Mr. PJ. I really didn't know what I was doing during the early stages, my mockups looked like shite, my website was a mess, my tiktok and instragram posts were also all over the place, and recieving alot of hate saying I should just quit. But, I kept going. And designing, and designing, and designing. Until I landed on the jorts you see now. One day I woke up and my phone was absolutely blowing up, my most recent TikTok had over 100k views, my Instagram went from 300 followers consisting of my family, mates and mates of mates to over 3600 WORLDWIDE.

And now? I'm not sure, I'm still studying, still working. But I know I need to take JOLE. to the next level. I'm extremely grateful for all the people who order my clothes, send in nice messages and my mates for supporting JOLE. The goal is not overcharging for an insane profit on my customers, especially during a cost of living crisis in Australia, I've just always wanted people to wear the clothes I work so hard on.

(P.S Thank you so much to my beautiful girlfriend for supporting me the entire way through JOLE and continues too. <3)